Advertising Sizes & Rates

All advertisement formats buyers entitled to publish a bonus article aside of graphic materials.

Layout area, format

Size of bonus article

Price, EUR


Cover 1
1/1 page 2225

Cover 2
1/1 page 1725

Cover 2
1/1 page 1725

Cover 1
1/1 page 2225
Internal pages

1/1 page
1/1 page 1625

½ page
1+½ page 790

¼ page
¾ page 475

"Promotional products & Stationary" and "Advertising Services" Classified

By the main concept, there were web-site’s addresses under the corresponding headings. However, it is possible to achieve more visibility also in this part of magazine with the help of banners. All banner buyers entitled to put web-site address in a certain number of additional headings for free.


Size: 4x1 cm. Price: 13 euro. Free strings: 10.

Size: 4x1,5 cm. Price: 20 euro. Free strings: 15.

Size: 4x2 cm. Price: 25 euro. Free strings: 20.

Size: 4x4 cm. Price: 35 euro. Free strings: 30.

Size: 4x5 cm. Price: 40 euro. Free strings: 35.

Size: 4x6 cm. Price: 45 euro. Free strings: 40.

Size: 4x8 cm. Price: 75 euro. Free strings unlimited.

Size: 4x12 cm. Price: 100 euro. Free strings unlimited.

Size: 4x25 cm. Price: 220 euro. Free strings unlimited.


Object Price per pc, EUR
Total circulation insert up to 20 g 0,14
Total circulation insert up to 50 g 0,21

Part circulation inserts: handling charge 50 EUR
Further information on prices for other inserts, like CD-discs, leaflets, catalogues available upon inquiry.


  1. All materials could be supplied on any language. However, Russian language is preferable for circulation area.
  2. We offer the service of translation from English/German to Russian for 150 EUR per ad. For those cases, material must be supplied as open data as we could integrate translation into the layout.

Technical requirements to the information to be published in the “Leader” magazine

Size of the magazine:
1. 1st cover – 235x210 mm
2. 2nd cover - 210x280 mm
3. Module 1/1 of type rage – 210x280 mm
4. Module ½ of type rage – 177 x105 mm
5. Module ¼ of type rage – 86x105 mm
6. Mini-presentation ½ - 177x115 mm
7. Mini-presentation ¼ - 86x115 mm

Module sizes and classifiers:
1. 40x10 mm
2. 40x15 mm
3. 40x20 mm
4. 40x40 mm
5. 40x50 mm
6. 40x60 mm
7. 40x80 mm
8. 40x120 mm

File type: CorelDraw 10-13, Illustrator 7-10, *.tiff, *.eps, *.jpg (with minimal compression), *.psd (with merged layers). Resolution - 300 dpi/inch

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